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In-character contact for Uchiha Sasuke!
Please specify video, audio, or text.


Jun. 17th, 2012 01:24 pm
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→ Help maintain garden at Juubantai House
→ Help maintain and clean dojo
→ Work part-time at Ron's store
→ Help maintain Break's garden
→ Help maintain garden at the Temple (sometimes)
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Looks his age (16). 5'6", 115lbs.

I tag slow with Sasuke, so please be aware of this and bear with me!

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[See Sasuke. See Sasuke with a snowball in his hands, tossing it up and down.

And then just smirking into the camera.]

Snowball fight, anyone?

[Why no, he's totally not a little fatigued from his recent venture out, why would you ever think that...]
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[The feed starts as Sasuke knocks the PCD over, and he seems to be struggling with getting something under control. There's definite curses and threats coming from the shinobi, and eventually the PCD will show him struggling with what seems to be a fish with a pink belly. After a moment, though, comes a bright flash and the brief chirping of what seems to be birds. When the light fades, however, Sasuke's struggles seem to have stopped. He's won the Man vs Fish war.

Letting out a breath, Sasuke turns to pick up his PCD, stopping when he realizes, oh hey, this thing is on again.


So, uh. Anyone know how to stuff a fish?

[Yeah that's not an awkward question at all.]
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It should be obvious by now Madara's got everyone under his control. How he got the Animus to comply with him, I don't know, but in the end it's something every shinobi here should know:

Genjutsu. An illusion.

What anyone- everyone does when the moon's out isn't of their own will.

I don't know if the other shinobi will be able to break it on their own, but since I'm the only other Uchiha here in Adstringendum - [Unfortunately for him, fortunately for Madara.] - I can help.

It'll take some time to do, preferably during the day, but I can break Madara's hold on anyone that wants it.

You don't need to come to me. I'll come to you.

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[It’s quiet by the outskirts of the city where a rather large rabbit grazes in the middle of a clearing surrounded by trees. It’s not very still though, but only Sasuke would know that--

Until the feed shakes begins to shake just enough to be noticeable. A moment later, it spins, as if falling only to thunk as if in the palm of someones hand and still. There’s a voice, and for the owner, it’s unusually hushed.]

C’mon Sasuke-- you’re takin’ forever.

Shut up, dobe, you’ll scare it away. [Sasuke’s not paying attention to what Naruto’s doing, just watching the rabbit with crimson eyes, just waiting...


A little too long... and Naruto is loud. ]
What are you waiting for, Teme!?

[The voice is enough to startle the rabbit, which looks up before dashing off into the bushes.]

Aww maaaaan, You scared it away’ttebayo!

That was you, not me! [An exasperated sigh leaves Sasuke as he simply drops the wire he was holding, which had been connected to the trap.]



[The PCD falls-- just in time to catch the swing of orange arm toward Sasuke.]
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Now's pretty much a good time as any. Anyone want or need help starting their own garden? I've got some seeds, but not a whole lot.

...Mostly tomato seeds.

[[ Replies might be slow, sorry! ]]
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[Oh, look, it came on again. Sasuke's outside, beating rocks into smaller rocks. You know, to use for his home made training weights. It's easier to take out his frustration with everything this way than going out to do something stupid. Though, his knuckles are bleeding as he does this, so it might as well be considered a little stupid too.

He's got two piles. One of useable, small rocks, and a second of...dirt and rocks that didn't make the cut. Rocks he took things out on too much.

When the feed finally shows Sasuke's face, one can see, well. His face. He's exhausted. Tired. He's been doing this for a while, but that's not the cause of it. He hasn't slept much since Zuko was killed. Didn't want to chance the nightmares.

With another loud crunch, and another small cloud of dust flying, Sasuke lets out a curse.]

Out of rocks.
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[This immediately starts to play as Sasuke messes with his PCD. There's a brief conversation between himself and Tyki as well, but he doesn't seem to mind it at all. He just wants the music.

Sasuke settles down on the floor next to the bed and just grabs a book to read. Gardening.]


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